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At B'dobo Mongolian Grill, we don't only use the top quality ingredients; we carefully prepare each ingredient daily and then store them for freshness until the moment you pick them up. Low Carb is no problem. We carefully remove all fat from meats so you can live even healthier. All meats are sliced into a perfect thickness so they can be cooked on the main grill and be able to absorb the flavors from sauces for an excellent taste. You mix and match from an array of over 20 different vegetables, beef, chicken, pork, shrimps, calamari, crabmeat and so much more. Mix from over 20 B'dobo house special sauces and powders and then hand your selection to the master chief to cook on our 60" Mongolian BBQ grill. The grill outputs 785,000 BTU/HR that almost instantaneously heats up your food to preserve the taste and more importantly - nutrition.

Best of all, it is all you can eat, so bring your friends and family to B'dobo Mongolian Grill to experience the excitement! You will love our home-made sesame flat bread too.

It is more than a meal AN EXPERIENCE


Bdobo Monglolian Grill across from SAM'S club on S. College Rd. Less then 5 minutes from UNC-W main campus.


University Landing
419 S. College Rd Unit 35
Wilmington, NC 28403